Student and Volunteer Program

Students and Volunteers visit Terrafou Game Lodge to participate in two very unique programs.

The Lion Project is part of a bigger initiative to save captive lions from the canned hunting industry. The project to date has saved over 100 lions from being hunted as well as being kept in terrible conditions without living space or adequate food and water.

Volunteers assist us in the daily running of the different sanctuaries in both Botswana and South Africa. These sanctuaries are situated close to each other although they are in different countries. It takes 1 hour by car to travel between the three sanctuaries. Each sanctuary serves a very specific need within the greater Lion Project and volunteers will be able to experience all three different sanctuaries during a typical stay with us.

Typical Work Experiences

Volunteers will assist us in the many different duties on the sanctuary. This includes feeding all the lions and other animals, creating and facilitating life enrichment programs for the lions, building and maintaining lion enclosures,  caring for orphaned or injured animals, cleaning of all enclosures and many other related duties.

Typical Day

07H00   Daily lion and facilities check

09H00    Start the food preparations for all animals

11H00    Feed all lions and other animals

12H00    Lunch

13H00    Clean enclosures and water checks

15H00    Enrichment and facilities upgrades, additions etc

17H00    Clean up and facility check for the night

18H00    Diner


The centre in South Africa is also a registered wildlife rehabilitation centre and therefore students also assist us in caring for a number of other species too. These species include: Tigers, Hyena, Servals, Wolves and Wild Dogs. There are also other species that enter the facility and then reintroduced into the bush once they are well again. Volunteers assist us with any new animal arrivals at the centre as well as their release again.

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